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Hybee provides data-oriented solutions for your hybrid workspace. Save time, optimize resources, and improve your employee experience.


Smoother Employee Experience

  • Make your employee feel more free and autonomous: more choice and flexibility in how they work
  • Provide more productive and creative environments by supporting team work and collaboration
  • Maximize your employee engagement by boosting employee motivation and satisfaction
  • Maintain a user-friendly interaction, offer simple scheduling by integrated tools

Back to office: novel work culture

  • Take control of your workspace by adapting to changing employee needs with the help of workplace analytics.
  • Maximize office efficiency by controling use of space and time: be a step ahead with cloud-based scheduling tool.
  • Prevent any possible conflicts by transparent management and facilitate your employees’ work day with ease.
  • Optimize your workplace by tracking assets, resources and services: simply manage occupancy

Vision to improve your workspace

  • Offer smart space and time management by capturing comprehensive insights that are vital for proper space control and occupancy
  • Put employees in your focus by understanding their requirements, get inspired from them to create dynamic and flexible workplaces.
  • Reshape your workplace design in the light of insights to adapt changing business and employee needs.
  • Filter your employees complex behaviors with data-driven approach and support your everlasting improvement.

Schedule your office day

It is very easy to plan every point of your day independent of time and place with just a few clicks in Hybee mobile app!

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Find a place for your meetings

Reserve meeting spaces, integrated with your existing Outlook Calendar! Hybee offers smart options according to the availability of meeting rooms.

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Track and Optimize Your Workplace

Optimization helps us to make most effective use of our resources. Save both time and money by data-driven insights.

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“Hybee provides the optimization ease and data flow we want, and increases our performance. It simplifies the management of our operations and improves our workflow with resource optimization and data analysis.”


Serdar Güvenkaya



“Hybee completes our transition to a hybrid system while greatly reducing our effort and costs with its ease of use and success in data transfer and reporting.”


Ümit Aparı

Co-Founder & CEO


“The efficiency of our workspaces is extremely important to us. While Hybee fully meets our organizational needs, it has increased the efficiency of our workspaces and strengthened the productivity and our team’s motivation.”


Ercan Pilcioğlu



“Hybee has greatly reduced our effort and increased our employees’ motivation by offering end-to-end and fast solutions for the planning, organization and analysis of workspaces with its simple and convenient interface.”


Hakan Eryavuz

Co-Founder & Managing Partner


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