As our Customer and/or employee of our Customer, your personal data may be shared and processed by Doğuş Bilgi İşlem ve Teknoloji Hizmetleri A.Ş. (the "Company"), in the capacity of data controller, in the context explained below, according to the Law no.6698 on Protection of Personal Data (the "Law"), provided that said data shall be recorded in a software ("CRM"), customer relations of which are conducted by us and the servers of which are located abroad. You can reach detailed information regarding processing of your personal data by our Company, in the Policy on Protection and Processing of Personal Data, available on the web address of “”.

1.Collection Method of Personal Data

Your personal data shall be collected, by the Company, in the capacity of data controller, within the framework of article 5/2 of the Law, verbally, in writing or by electronic means, based on your explicit consent, by automatic or non-automatic means, via the channels specified below and channels which may be added to them in the future, based on the reason of entering into a sales or services agreement which shall be made with you, or for us to be able to inform you and communicate with you regarding the services of our Company.

2.Purposes of Processing Your Personal Data

Your personal data that shall be collected, shall be processed in accordance with the essential principles defined in the Law and within the scope of the personal data processing terms and conditions set forth in article 5 of the Law, for the purposes of conducting the finance and accounting transactions, conducting the affiliation processes relating to our Company’s services, conducting the communication operations, conducting the service procurement processes, conducting the services after-sales support services, conducting the service sales processes, conducting the service production and operation processes, conducting the customer relations management processes, conducting the activities intended for customer satisfaction, conducting the marketing processes of services, conducting the campaign processes, determining the marketing strategy, prioritising it, offering the language option correctly; provided that it is recorded in the CRM.

3.Your Personal Data That Shall Be Processed

For CRM recording; identity information such as name, surname of the Customer’s employees, and their communication information such as e-mail and phone number and additionally, location information, shall be processed. Additionally, related employee’s title and additional information that may be provided by the employee, may be recorded.

This personal data shall be processed and shared for the purposes specified above; and for the reason that are the data controller, in this regard, relating to related employee, it shall be your obligation to provide information and take his/her explicit consent, and to send it to our Company.

4.Disclosure of Your Personal Data to Third Persons and/or to Parties Abroad

Your personal data that shall be collected, may be disclosed to third persons, in accordance with the data processing terms and conditions set forth in articles 8 and 9 of the Law, for the purposes defined in this Clarification Text and based on your explicit consent, for the reason of using some intra-Company cloud-based software and software server of which is located abroad, and according to the provisions stipulated in the agreement which we shall enter into with you as the Customer, for the reason of performance of an agreement.

It is undertaken by you that you shall take explicit consent, from related employee, regarding such disclosure, and send it to our Company, and that related employee/s shall not claim any right against the Company.

5.Access to Your Personal Data and Your Rights within the Scope of the Law

Your right according to article 11 of the LPPD, are set forth below:

In case you, as the related person, prepare your requests relating to your rights in accordance with the Communiqué on Procedures and Principles Regarding Application to the Data Controller, and send them to our Company to the e-mail address “”, Doğuş Technology shall finalise the process regarding the request, free of any charge, depending on the nature of related request, as soon as possible and at the latest within thirty

In case related transaction requires incurring any other cost, the fee set forth in the tariff set by the Personal Data Protection Board, shall be charged by Doğuş Technology.

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