4 min read | 30 DECEMBER 2022

How to Effectively Manage a Hybrid Workplace Model?


The hybrid working system, which has become one of the most preferred working models in recent years, has become a system that many workplaces have started implementing for various reasons. In order to be able to successfully implement and manage the hybrid workplace model, first, correct and organized planning is required. The primary purpose of this planning is to ensure that the works continue without interruption and effectively as they are carried out within the company.

It is also crucial to take steps to increase the employees' productivity simultaneously with the plans made because hybrid working is a very convenient system to increase the employees' productivity by providing their work and life balance much more quickly.

So, what should be done to establish and effectively manage such a system?

  • Building trust between employees and employers: Since the hybrid working system makes it possible to work both from home and from different office areas, it is crucial to establish a correct relationship of trust between employers and employees. It is primarily about employers providing their employees with the resources and support they need to be successful rather than questioning their abilities. The primary purpose here is to enable the employee to feel more responsible in an environment where they are trusted and to complete their work without any oversight around them.
  • Encouraging teamwork: A hybrid work environment eliminates the possibility of working with the same people; at this point, conducting collaboration and activities from time to time to keep the employees motivated and improve their productivity will help prevent feelings of loneliness or inability to adapt to the environment.
  • Providing technology tools for employees: For the employees to carry out their work efficiently outside the office, the necessary programs must be provided by the company on their computers or other technological devices. At this point, staying in the background not only creates an obstacle for employees but also reduces their productivity and can cause various problems, such as not completing the required work. Therefore, if necessary, all necessary programs and even computers must be provided to the employees.
  • Be careful not to put pressure on employees: Although the hybrid working system has many advantages, it is a known fact that it is a working area open to abuse. The fact that employees are working outside the office does not mean that they can be given more workload than they can. At this point, doing correct planning and creating a schedule and delivery times so that the employees' productivity will not decrease is the most critical factor for efficient business management.

Considering all the above items and including them in the work programs will help the hybrid work system to be carried out more effectively. This working style, which is relatively new but has started to be adopted by many companies, continues to evolve.

If you are trying to get used to hybrid working conditions but do not know precisely how to create a program, Hybee offers you various options at this point. You can easily create your plans manually or via integrated tools, if you wish, to work in conditions and environments that suit you.


The Ultimate Guide to Hybrid Workplace

In the hybrid working system, each company should have a method chosen for its own policies and needs. These methods can be options such as part-time office and home office, remote work, or working in different areas in the office. The primary purpose here is to increase employee productivity and make things work much more efficiently. But the critical point is that the right choices are only sometimes made. At this point, it is the evaluation of the employees' ideas by considering and applying the above items. This method, which has started to spread rapidly but has started to become widespread relatively recently, is based on some trial and error.

To have an efficient and productive work environment and employees, it is essential to use the hybrid work system correctly. The ultimate goal here is to increase the employees' productivity by ensuring that the working conditions are at good standards and, as a result, to achieve the targeted business processes.

At this point, Hybee creates suitable work programs for the wishes and needs of people with various planning and organizing methods ideal for the use of both employees and employers. You can create schedules for yourself to adapt to flexible working environments and to carry out your work efficiently during this time. You can even program your time management and follow up on your work easily via the mobile app. Suppose you need help adapting to these flexible working hours and places. In that case, you can efficiently finish your work by creating a plan, either manually or using pre-prepared programs, through this application that you should try.

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