3 min read | 19 JUNE 2023

Tech's Impact on HR Evolution and Workspace Planning


The Evolution of HR Tech: How Technology is Changing the Face of HR Management

HR Tech, which we know as human resources technology, is a concept that refers to software and hardware technology used to automate and make human resources functions efficient and workspace planning. To facilitate the work of human resources professionals, this technology facilitates tasks in many areas, such as filing, talent acquisition, talent management, communication services, compensation management, benefits administration, performance management, data storage, organization, and analysis.

From the first moment, technology entered our lives, significant changes have occurred in the functioning and development of the world. These developments are not limited to a single field and continue to affect all occupational groups. One of these occupational groups is human resources. Human resources, which we can call perhaps the most important department of a company, is a department where many processes are managed. Therefore, it is not wrong to say that it is indispensable for companies. With the development of technology, human resources application systems have been developed for this department. The main purpose of these systems is to facilitate and make the management processes efficient. As such, this department continues to be exposed to serious changes with the advancement in technology day by day. Among these developments and changes, we have compiled the most important ones for you:

  • Recruiting Process Which is Changed by the Internet: Considering the pre-internet and e-mail processes, a worker needs to perform various face-to-face processes to be recruited to the workplace. This meant that the process was prolonged and difficult; however, with the active use of telephones, the internet, and e-mails in the following processes, a great decrease has occurred in the workload of human resources departments. The fact that recruitment processes were carried out through online channels caused prolonged face-to-face meetings and caused a significant increase in paper costs. Therefore, it can be said that one of the first developments that come to mind when a connection is established between technology and human resources is the disappearance of these methods.
  • Ease of Communication Ways: When the human resources department is examined within a company, it is a department that should be in contact with every employee and every department, so the workload is quite high. Since human resources are responsible for various regulations and processes within the company, they should have a comfortable working style in terms of communication. Considering all these situations, it is essential to have a strong communication network for the work to progress quickly and accurately. Therefore, all online channels for human resources are highly preferred methods, which clearly shows technology's effects on the human resources department.
  • Security Precautions: Keeping and protecting the folders containing the documents related to the employees or the information of the company's business means considering some risks. The first way to prevent this situation, which may pose a threat to the company, is to protect this data in digital environments. Of course, nothing is guaranteed in a technology world with cyber-attacks, but applications created and developed specifically for human resources are very useful in ensuring data security. These applications have strict policies for the protection of personal or company data stored electronically, so a safer method has been chosen against possible risks. Technology is crucial for departments that work at an intense and complex pace, such as human resources. When the link between these two factors is examined, it is a technology that can help things run much more efficiently.
  • Data analysis to follow employee performance: One of the most important factors for a company is the productivity of its employees. The follow-up of the working tempo and success of the employees within the company is generally examined in the human resources department, and decisions are made accordingly. However, it is not possible to follow this work manually. Therefore, applications or files where various data analyzes are made and this method helps the process to proceed much more accurately by helping the analyzes reach human resources practically and accurately. This situation also shows us the relationship between technology development and the human resources department.

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