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Frequently Asked Questions

What is hybrid-workspace?

A hybrid workspace is a dynamic structure that is intended to enable a distributed workforce that includes both in-office and remote workers. Rather of organizing work around a physical location, these companies think that work can be done from anyplace.

What is desk hoteling?

Desk hoteling exists when employees reserve a desk in a workplace ahead of time for more than a day. These team members do not have permanent allocated seats, but they intend to share the same place for a longer amount of time than typical hot desking.

Is Hybee compatible with my personal calendars?

Yes! Hybee is like having a super-smart assistant who has access to all of your calendars. You don't have to modify anything unless you wish to as long as you use a compatible calendar system.

What types of workspace analytics can Hybee provide?

Hybee integrates calendar events, presence, and other office data to provide insights into how your team and space interact. You'll discover how meeting length, time of day, and frequency influence how your team functions.

Is this applicable to shared offices?

In multi-tenant setups, the dashboard and mobile applications make it simple to share calendars.

What hardware do I require?

Only a smart device is required for calendar booking.

Can meeting rooms be reserved through mobile phone?

Hybee's technology and mobile app allow you to reserve meeting spaces using your mobile phone. Hybee's mobile meeting room booking app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Why does my office need scheduling software?

Because you and your co-workers can get more from your workdays through speedy booking of meeting and personal spaces alike.

Search for a space that meets your needs and book it for the time you need it with just a few clicks. Book everything you need in moments, whether for today or weeks in advance, through a simple self-serve tool. Embrace flexible working by making every day spent in the office full of productivity and free of stress.

What exactly is workplace scheduling software?

Workspace scheduling software allows you to schedule whatever workspace you require using a single tool. You can easily search and reserve the spots you require on mobile, via the Hybee portal on the web, or using Microsoft Outlook, and they will be waiting for you when you arrive. It's a flexible way to work without the bother.

Is the workspace software appropriate for all types of businesses?

Hybee is utilized by a broad range of enterprises, including yours, and we assist them in creating flexible, adaptive workplace spaces that are suited for a fast-changing business world.

Everything they need to be productive is immediately accessible with Hybee, allowing them to manage their workplaces significantly more effortlessly and focus on the work that truly counts.

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